Tips for Storing Clothes in Self Storage

Published on 2/16/2018

Clean your clothes beforehand

Make sure to wash your clothes before you stow them away for weeks or months; you don’t want foul odors filling the storage space. In addition, you’ll need to dry your clothes thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew from sprouting on your clothes as they sit untouched. Washing them beforehand is also a good idea if you plan to donate or to sell the clothes. They’ll be ready to go without any preparation needed.

Use plastic containers for seasonal clothes

Organize your seasonal clothing in plastic storage bins. Although cardboard boxes work just fine, plastic containers are more durable and stack easily. Use individual containers for every season, and label each lid appropriately to locate the bins quickly when you need them.

Seal your clothes in vacuumed-sealed bags

You can save space in your storage unit by putting your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags. Bring in a shelving unit, and lay them flat for better organization. The bags will also keep out pests and protect your clothes while they’re in storage.

Opt for climate-controlled storage units

Mimic the temperature in your own home with a climate-controlled unit. Climate control works by keeping the interior temperature the same no matter if it’s 40 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. These units protect your clothing from cold, heat, and humidity damage and prevent frost, mold, and mildew.